2016 Euro bike show was finished perfectly on 3rd September. ACEBIKE would like to extend our sincerest regards. Whether you are our long-term cooperation partner or new friend, it was pleasure to meet and talk to you in the 2016 Euro bike show. Here, we truthfully say loudly: Thank you! Thank you for your trust and support to our carbon bicycle parts in these years. As a manufacturer of high quality carbon bicycle parts, we pay attention to every particular,to pursue perfection.




The bike exhibition was a complete success, more than 3000 people visited our bicycle exhibition, signed contract  (including investment and purchase & sale contracts) total 127, total amount more than half a million dollars. Many friends understand the development of new tech trends and reached a cooperation. We are very pleased, it will also inspire our best efforts to repay your support.I warmly invite you to visit ACEBIKE International in the convenient or visit our website.




At the same time, we hope for the future will have more opportunities to cooperate with you and you have a detailed understanding to ACEBIKE. We always open our ears to your precious advice. We will be even more diligent to meet your needs in order to become your most trusting partner.


With my best wishes: the health & wealth & prosperity!

Sincerely yours