The ACEBIKE 350S Light MTB Boost Carbon Bicycle wheels are built with 28/28 Holes, stainless steel, straight-pull spokes front and rear, with alloy nipples. The rear rim is asymetric to better balance spoke tension.For the boost hubs,front 15*110 Rear 148*12thru axle with included axle caps. The rear hub has a standard Shimano cassette body; a SRAM XD Driver is available as an option.


Boost is the latest and greatest axle platform which all performance mountain bike frame and fork manufacturers are adopting. Boost widens the rear axle by 6mm and the front axle by 10mm.A wider axle means that the spacing between your hub’s flanges can be increased. By increasing the width of the hub flanges you can improve the bracing angles of the spokes in the wheelbuild. Ultimately you can build a stronger, stiffer and ultimately more efficient wheel.The advantages of a boosted front fork are isolated to achieving better wheel geometry and additional tire clearance. The use of the 15mm x 110mm Boost forks will be most prevalent on the new Plus bikes entering the marketplace. It has been said that a boosted 29” wheel can achieve the same stiffness as a non-boosted 27.5. We are going to run more tests on this and get back to you with the data.



Super stiff wheels are great and all, but they can shake your teeth out on the trail, and they can actually increase your susceptibility to pinch flats. As verified in the lab, the Asymmetry Design rims offer a 3°angled bead lock to keep the tire bead positoned on the shelf when air is released from the tire and also adds a level of safety if a tre is leaking, which offers a more comfortable ride quality and allows the rim to deform more easily at the tyre contact patch to offer more traction. It also means that the rim will better absorb impact energy rather than cracking and breaking.


Riders looking for performance gains are going to drive engineers, designers, and manufacturers to explore multiple ways to get that done. The current desire to explore new tire sizes and to make chainstays as short as possible creates one need, and the demand for equipment that can handle how far modern mountain bikers are pushing their bikes creates another. Within certain design parameters, Boost is a great solution that makes sense.Really cool products that can benefit riders.