Do you have sell the complete bike,what is your mainly products?
Currently we don't have sell the complete,but lot of the bike parts we can supple.
ACEBIKE have more than 5 year’s experience to do the bike parts, our mainly products is wheels and frames,and export more than 1000 pair/pcs per month. And we also have sell the other bike parts, all of them are purchase from Taiwan, super quality and competitive price.
For the rims you just have sell the carbon material?   
No, we also have the other material alloy rims, that is more cheaper and also hot sell among the customers.
How many holes of your carbon road,  track,  MTB rims?
For our carbon road rims it is front-20holes, and rear-24 holes.
For track rims it is 28-28 holes
For our 26er MTB rims it is 24-28 holes, and for 29er rims it is 28-32 holes.
What is the available rims surface and the finish?
 3k, 12k and UD. Clear coating and matt finish are available.

Is there have different types of your road wheels,and what is the brake surface?
 We have two different types, one is clincher finish, the brake surface is 3k.
 The other is tubular finish, the brake surface is basalt.
What’s the MOQ of the products?
 One sample is ok.

Different number of rims’  holes is available?  What’s the MOQ for customized holes?
 Yes it is ok, the available rim Holes are 18, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36.
 The MOQ is 5 pair and the delivery time is 20-30days.

Painting is available?  What’s the MOQ?
 Yes, of course, but it need MOQ 5 pairs/set for rims, wheels, and framset.
What’s the spokes max tension and max tire inflation pressure-Clincher?
 The max spoke tension: 110-130kgf;
 And max tyre pressure: 100-130psi/9 bar.

What’s the effective rims diameter?
Here is the calculate formula, you can use it: 633-profile*2+4*2.
The “profile” means our rims size, we have 20mm, 24mm, 38mm, 44mm, 50mm, 60mm, 88mm.


How many series wheels line do you have?
 ---We have 4 series:
Wheels lines hubs spokes
CC plus series Powerway hubs cnspoke J-bend spokes
NP series Novatech carbon hubs Straight Pull pillar 1420 black spokes
CP series Chosen hubs Pillar J-bend spokes
SL series Chosen super light alloy hubs Pillar PSR1420 Straight pull spokes

How do I select the right wheel set for myself?
 --- Factors you have to consider are(you can contact with our customer service):     * Type of terrain.    * Intended use (racing and/or training, hills and/or flat courses).    * Weather conditions (wind, sea side)    * Rider factors (weight, power, riding style)

Do you have weight limited of the wheels?
 ---For our 24mm carbon wheels the weight limite is 160kg.
 ---For the other carbon wheels(38, 44, 50, 60, 88mm) the weight limite is 300kg.

How come you don't offer ceramic bearings?
A. While initially faster, ceramic bearings will wear out because they don't have contact seals. Contact seals are important in bearings because they keep the road grime out of the bearings. Without these seals the bearings will wear out very fast. We build all of our hubs with a high quality steel bearing that creates a low drag wheel with the durability you expect from HED. wheels. The same hubs our pro riders ride are the same hubs you get when you buy our wheels. If they are good enough for the Tour riders they will be perfect for your races or rides

What kind of carbon frame do you have?
 ---For now we have sell the road frame, Time Trail(TT) /Track frame, and MTB frame.

how many types about your frame?
  ---we have both ISP and non-ISP frame, the different of them just the ISP frame have the long seatpost but the non-ISP is the short seatpost.
we have one model that is the ISP frame FM032, for the other frame are all non-ISP frame.

How to use the discount coupon?
  ---You can register the member at our web, then once you buy the goods from our web you can use the discount coupon to buy our products.

Why should some people pay more for the products? Which countries’ people should pay more?
  ---At our on sale promotion time, our on sale wheels with free EMS shipping, but some of the country are not allow use the EMS, so we choose via with DHL or TNT, some of the customers need to paid extra shipping cost. Like Italy, Belgium, South Africa, Brazil, Netherland etc.
Where do you ship to? How much does it cost?
--- We ship to all countries worldwide. But the shipping rates depend on the weight of the item
being shipped and the destination. And we have 3 different shipping term:EMS, DHL, TNT.
the price is also different, want more detail you can contact our customer service.


How could I get the wheels after payment? How long is the delivery time?
  ---After you do the payment we will send you the Proforma Invoice for you to check, and arrange to send the goods out, once they had been send out, we will give you the tracking number for you to track.
The delivery time is 5-7days after you do the payment.
How many free extra spokes and nipples for the wheels on promotion time?
 ---3 pieces of spokes and 3 pieces of nipples.

Can you "do me a special deal"?
  --- We make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible.
We can't reduce our prices unless you plan to buy in big bulk.

How long of free guarantee could I enjoy both for wheels and frames?
 ---The free guarantee for wheels and frames are different,
 for wheels it have 1 year guarrantee; and for frames it have 2 years guarrantee.

How to make a claim?
  ---If have something destory about our wheels within the quality guarrantee pls give us the detail information ahout the wheels.
 It must included the below 3 factors:
 *pls give us the wheels number;
 *pls tell us about your riding situation,so that we can adjust what make it broken.
 *pls tell us whelther you have use our brake pads or not.
If the wheels broken with the quality not human effort then we will change you a new free wheelset to you within 1 year gurrantee.