For the last number of years the goal of Bike Week has to been to reach out to the community and cater to as many people as possible. This year the week put on by the Pictou County Active Transportation Committee hopes to do the same.

Kevin Waller from Pictou County Cycle says this week is great for the community as interest in biking grows in the county.

“In the past few years we’ve notice growth across the board,” said Waller. “It’s not one particular age group that it is growing in, but rather a growth in different styles of biking and different ages of riders.”

Waller says he has noticed an increase in interest in BMX bikes with younger riders, while interest in road bikes has grown with older riders. He also believes the event Tuesday where participants can take part in their bike club event gives new riders a chance to see what is offered on a regular basis in the county.

Aside from the events going on, Gunn hopes that local organizations or business will get involved on their own. In the past some companies have encouraged employees to bike to work and offered them a free breakfast if they do.

“We like to see different ways of encouraging biking and being active aside from the programming we put on,” she said. “There are some neat things we would like to see groups do to allow people to have fun with it and if they do they can post it on our Facebook page to get the word out.”

Similar to the trend Waller has witnessed at Pictou County Cycle, Gunn says the interest in bike week has continued to grow as well over the years.

“The types of activities have changed to involve more groups, which has helped, but just the general interest in biking and being more conscious about health and the environment has helped as well,” she said.

“I think indirectly by promoting the cycling events and having more people out, it does get people talking about the state of the roads and the need for paved shoulders or the needs for bike lanes,” said Gunn. “It’s just the buzz around it. When you have more people cycling it makes a bigger case when people are going to council to have things to accommodate cyclists.”