3 months ago,we had got our carbon asymmetrical mtb bike rims ride test result feedback from most of our customers. We read these Offset MTB Carbon Light Bicycle Rim reviews carefully and thought that we must improve these rims.

And since then, we have always been focusing on technology improve for offset rims and we put our rims to market again, before we do it we also do strict testing in our lab by machines, including horizontal stiffness testing, lateral load testing, impact testing and so on.From last month, we receiving good reviews almost everyday. Now they are pretty strong and light enough to enter race.

Please find as below advantages and construction &lay up improvement point Report. Our precision handbuilt asymmetrical rims are incredibly durable but lightweight.



What else makes these offset rims unique?



Our rims are made with what we consider the optimum blend of high strength and high modulus carbon fiber sourced directly from Toray in Japan. Stiff wheels improve tracking and maximize power transfer, both of which will make your riding faster and more fun. Our composite rims are exceptionally stiff!



Wider rims are better, as shown by both scientific and anecdotal evidence. Our XC race rims have an internal bead width of 24mm and AM (all mountain) rims have internal widths of 26mm. Wider rims increase the volume of the tire, allowing you to run lower pressure and obtain more grip with lower rolling resistance.


Asymmetrical rims build up into stiffer, stronger and more reliable wheels by improving the bracing angles of a dished wheel and equalizing the spoke tensions between the drive and non-drive side spokes.Our rims have 3mm of offset which we've found is the sweet spot improving spoke tension balance but also allowing you to use the same rim for either the front or rear by simply flipping the rim around.For a better visualization of how asymmetrical rims help build stronger and stiffer wheels.



Rotational weight is important to minimize if you want the most performance, so we keep our rim weights as low as possible. However, don't expect to see crazy light rims from us; while weight is important, we also design our wheels to be stiff, strong, durable and safe.


Carbon rims/wheels are a large investment, and one we think should make sense from a durability standpoint. Our rims are designed to be durable and last for years of hard riding and racing. These Asymmetry MTB Carbon Bicycle Rims are light and fast enough for race day, yet durable enough to train on daily.High tension spokes (recommended 120 kgf) are less likely to come loose and less likely to break. How do we get away with such high tension? We use a proprietary manufacturing process that allows us to precisely control the material thickness in the nipple bed. Precise nipple bed thickness control combined with our Weave construction creates some seriously strong nipple seats.



There is little reason to run tubes on a mountain bike anymore. Tubeless provides better traction, no pinch flats, lower rolling resistance, more comfort, etc. We know that most customers running our rims will be doing so tubeless, so we go through great pains to ensure that our rims will work perfectly when set up tubeless. Features like our Anti-Burp Bump increase the bead seat diameter just outside the channel so tires are easier to initially inflate. This same feature also locks in the bead to ensure burp-free performance.