Power and Comfort While Riding

The proper bike seat adjustment can prevent pain and injury. If not adjusted properly, you may have back, knee or neck pain. For example, if the seat is too high you could cause pain in the back of the knee. For comfort your knees should be slightly bent while riding.

Ride To Strengthen

However, some people may want to adjust their seat so that they can ride uphill or sprint. For example, climbers want power and near full-leg extension. Moving back on the carbon bicycle saddle effectively raises the saddle about a half-inch and changes knee extension to about 25 degrees short of full extension. When sprinting, however, the rider will then move forward on the saddle, effectively lowering the saddle position and optimizing leg extension for surges and sprints.

Bottom Line

Depending on the rider and what they are using their bike for will define how they adjust the seat. At the end of the day, just make sure you are comfortable and pain-free.