Installing a headset reqires a headset press and a crown race slide punch. If you don't have these tools, have a bike shop do the installation (usually $15-20).

1. Make sure the carbon bicycle frame has been reamed and faced, otherwise you will have trouble installing the headset, or the headset won't last very long. If you aren't sure, take the bike to a bike shop.

2. Seat the crown race on the carbon bike fork crown. This requires a crown race slide punch. Pound the crown race down until it sits flat on the fork crown.
3. Clamp the frame into the repair stand.
4. Lightly grease both ends of the headtube and place the bicylce headset cups into the ends of the head tube.

5. Slide the cup press through the head tube. Install the lower half of the press.

6. Turn the handle on the top of the cup press clockwise while holding the bottom of the press with a wrench. Work slowly and carefully, making sure the cups press evenly into the frame. Be sure to tighten the cups firmly into the frame, but do not over tighten.

7. Remove the cup press.
8. Grease the bearing and install the fork. For information on how to adjust the headset, see related eHow "Adjust a Bike Headset."

Tips & Warnings

Some sealed headsets have the bearings pressed into the cups. You may need a special adapter for your cup press to make sure that you don't damage the bearings during installation.

Some crown races can be quite fragile. You may need a special adapter for the crown race slide punch.