Hi, welcome to ACEBIKE,below is an instruction for your reference if it is your first time to place an order on http://www.acebike.com/. Much appreciated for your purchased from ACEBIKE and enjoy your shopping!

 Shopping Process :

 1. Register

1) Please click "Register" to creat an account

2) According to the presentation to fill in the blank 


3) Register finished, you can enter your account to see and edit more detail information.

2.Place an order.

1) Please select the items you prefer:(for example: wheels YS-SL38T & tire)

---You can choose from our top manu bar.

---Also if you know our product's model number, you can search from our webite directly (can save you more time)

Enter and choose the detailed specification you prefer then add to cart.

If you want to place other order please click “continue shopping” and then choose items or “Check out” to make payment.

You can see your order information from the shopping cart at the right top of website.

3.Making payment

1) Please check again if all your order details are all correct, then click “proceed to checkout”


2) And then fill “billing information” in the blank according to presentation, and choose a payment method.

-----any special demands for your order pls leave messege in the bottom blank.


3) submit the order (Note. for paypal payment method,  can also paid by credit card.)


4) After you place the order please go to your account to see all your order information, to make sure your payment are processing.

Check your order to find if the pyament is successfully through.
Status“Cancelled” or “Pending” means that the payment is unsuccessfully through or the payment does not been made,
pls do the payment again util the status be switched to “processing”( payment througth) or contact us by email to get a help.

Finally if payment is successfully made the order will be dispatched as soon as possible and you could log in your account to check the status of your order.If the status appears “shipped” your order is on the way and the tracking No. will be notified by email.


3.Shop as a guest

If you don’t like to register, it doesn’t matter, you can shop on our website as a guest. Adding the items into cart then according to the presentation fill in the same information as register. We will not store any information of you if you shop as a guest, but it is inconvenient for placing order on our website next time for you have to fill in the information once again and you can’t check the order you have placed So we strongly recommend to shop as a register.