With 100 million bicycles manufactured worldwide each year, it is no surprise that the most ridden of the lot will break. Resolve the simplest of repairs in your own garage with a bit of basic knowledge on how to fix a loose chain. Placing the YBN chain back on the carbon bike rim is a seamless fix that can avoid the hassle and costly expense at the bike shop. Recruit a friend for assistance and return to hitting the trails and back roads in no time.

1. Place the bike on a stand or have an individual assist you by holding the carbon rear wheel off of the ground. Hook the bicycle chain onto the bottom sprocket and begin to turn the bike pedal backwards. Ensure that the top of the chain ring is not held during this process.
2. Turn the racing pedals forward once the chain has been hooked onto the bottom sprocket. The bike will begin to click into different gears, adjusting to the fix. Turn the pedals forward until the gears alternate in a smooth manner.
3. Loosen the quick release if the chain continues to jam. This may be the case if the chain is caught between the smallest sprocket and the carbon bicycle frame. Open the quick release by pulling the lever. Undo the  carbon racing wheel nut to ease out the chain. Readjust the chain as done in Step 2. Close the quick release and the wheel nut, ensuring they are tight.
4. Pedal and change gears while riding the bike to ensure the chain is comfortably back on the rim. If further problems ensue with the chain, consider visiting a professional repair shop.


Tips & Warnings

To avoid injury, do not place your fingers within the chain.