ACEBIKE is a company who hand-build wheels in China to your exact needs. For example, if you want a set of these 50mm carbon wheels but with DT Swiss hubs, red nipples and no stickers then that’s fine – the choice is yours. Before getting to work on this set the wheel builder will took into account our weight and type of riding (triathlon) and made them to suit our needs.

They feature Sapim CX Ray bladed spokes, titanium skewers and DT Swiss 350S hubs.55mm Wide Tire Design rims which are unique in the market. 55mm profile depth, 26mm width U Shape, it will have a straighter line and smoother transition from tire sideway to rim edge, for example also less bulging of tire walls and make for easier passage of an inflated tire through brake calipers. Carbon Light Road Bike Racing Wheels offer unmatched aerodynamics across the widest possible range of wind conditions, while having the lowest possible cross wind sensitivity. Out on the road they were a joy to ride: light and fast without a hint of flex, taking us to warp speed and keeping us there effortlessly. Handmade wheels made to your specifications, built with love.




I evaluate product-specific criteria in four groups – performance, design, quality and cost. The criteria that matter most in those categories for all-around wheelsets are:

Performance: Versatility, aerodynamics, stiffness, acceleration, comfort, handling and braking.

Design: Wheel weight and material, rim depth, rim inner and outer widths, rim profile, hub and spoke selection, and wheel finish.

Quality: Durability, warranties and service/support.

Cost: Purchase price, cost of ownership and replacement cost.


We recommend the 350R55C as the Best Value all-around Light Carbon Road Bicycle Wheels. Performance is also exceptional. At a smidgen over 1600g, they’re light for the price, helping you bound up steep gradients, while their stiffness make them a good choice for more powerful riders too.