ACEBIKE represents the latest technological advances in carbon-fiber bicycle performance products.We’ve hammered the latest light-but-tough, through-axle compatible ,mtb carbon wheels to find the ideal wheels.The DT350 Light MTB Bicycle Carbon Wheels series is split into cross-country, trail, enduro and down hill segments. All three sport DT’s 28-hole hub, but the rims gain heft and size as you go from cross-country light to bruiser down hill. You have the option to choose the 27.5er and 29er versions.



For a 27.5er wheelset, 350S-730S is admirably light. Ours weight 1,452 grams. The weight is competitive for a mtb wheels, particularly one with such a offset rim. Offset 30mm width rims measure 33 millimeters, which lends a great degree of sidewall support to any tire up to a 2.5. ACEBIKE characterizes these as trail wheels, but they are as stout as most other all-mountain or enduro models. The TLR tubeless system is fantastic and ease of setup.

Besides that, they’re stiff and nimble.The performance advantage with the carbon hoops is instantly noticeable in that the lateral stiffness makes the bike much more responsive. DT 350 hub internals are used in the rear wheel, so we know that’s good. The wheels come set up for a 142×12 rear and 15*100 front axle.




350S-730S Carbon Mountain Bicycle Wheels are reliable, versatile, wide-rim wheels are an all-round performance bargain. They're hand-built in the China or Germany with top-quality Sapim CX Ray spokes, and the light offset rims are reliably tough and broad enough to handle fat tyres without being heavy and slow on the bike.We live for the ride, and we believe no single upgrade can improve your ride like a premium wheelset, so we set out to make the best you can buy at a price you can afford.