May is National Bike Month and the League of American Bicyclists in Las Cruces, along with other cycling groups throughout the area, is gearing up for a month of fun and informative activites.
Bicycles are a good form of alternative transportation, it helps with exercise and saves gas.”
Both Conway and Tammy Schurr, also a league certified instructor, stress that motorists need to be aware that cyclists have a right to be on the road.
“Motorists need to realize that the larger the vehicle, the more responsibility they have to be cautious,” Schurr said.
Cyclists also have a responsibility to be educated and act predictably when riding with traffic.
The most common mistake cyclists make is riding against traffic, it’s not predictable and drivers don’t know how to react in that situation. It’s safer to ride with traffic.
Another “predictable” behavior cyclist’s need to practice is signaling their intentions before they turn or stop.
May also marks the first anniversary of Las Cruces being named a bicycle friendly community. The city had to meet League of American Bicyclists’ standards in encouragement, engineering, education, enforcement and evaluation.