Night Riding Tips

Riding Carbon bike is a great thing to do day or night. Although it is dangerous to do night riding comparing with daytime riding,
a number of factors make more and more riders join in the night riding, then how do we avoid the dangerous happen?

Here are some simply but important tips for your reference:
1. Calm Down in every minutes when you are riding:
that is to say you should always keep a highly concentration. Anyway, being a positive rider can bring you more joys whatever daytime or night.

2. Light:
Riding with lights when it’s dark makes cyclists much more visible
and gives other traffic much more time to see and react to you.
Don’t just depend on street-lighting to help you see in the dark;
use lights and reflective gear to help others see you.

If possible, Wear reflective pant-straps, jackets, vests and other gear.
they makes you more visible to others, as does having reflectors on your bike.
But reflectors only reflect under certain lighting conditions,
and even then they aren’t enough by themselves to be seen at night–particularly on bike paths and other low-light areas.
Actually, It is responsibility for not only  you yourself's safty but other people's safty.

Don't riding so rush in the streets or roads where are crowd of people, bicycles, or cars.

4. seeing and listening:
since the visuality is not so good at night, listening should be put in a key point.
listening to the music when you are riding on night is not a suggestion.

These are some small tips from ACEBIKE.
If you have some more good ideas, welcome to leave you comment and share with other riders.

Enjoy your riding, enjoy your life!