We first test the performance of the RSD High Volume Carbon rims in March and were blown away by the physical size of the rim, boasting a potentially game changing 37 mm internal width and 38mm outer width. After four months and 1000 km of hard riding and racing, (including the DH) and found that out they perforance.Subjective impressions from our testing are also very good.


We would like to point out the amazing thing,we sponsor a father and son and used the AM version to take part in the DH race Megavalande Race in July.Glad to hear that they into the final smoothly and the RSD High Volume Carbon rims are stiff, roll quickly and are great for cornering precision. The ride is different to normal rims and in some cases staggeringly so. After we assemble the wheels with DT Swiss 350S and Sapim CX-Ray Spokes, recently when we compared Mavic and DT Swiss we discovered that with a complete carbon setup there was basically no difference in weight compared to a complete Mavic Crossmax SX setup.


For the lightspot of the RSD rims that are the technologies & Features:


(1)RSD=Radius Support Design, Create a comfortale hole seat for the nipple and distribute spoke tenstion evenly from the nipple to the hole.


(2) CSR-Carbon Strip Reforcement, Strengthen the spoke tension and Strengthen the spoke tension.


(3) USW-Ultra Smooth Wall No folded prepreg during curing Smooth Inner Rim wall Reduce potential quality issue.


(4) Offset Asymmetrical Design Higher profile absorbs more impact power. Wider design to fit wider tire for more air volume and less pressure, which dramatically increase traction and reduce the rolling resistance.


(5) Optimized bead seat angle design Makes the inflation for a tubeless tire become an easy cake. you can only use a floor pump at around 30psi; also prevent air leaking in big turns.


(6) Tire Bead Lock Design Optimized contour bead hook design makes the tire bead could sit tightly, no air leaking after sealant.Optimized rim diameter design, help an easy tire-mount, also prevent tire bumping from the hookless system.


(7)Dynamic Balance Control In our lay-up design, make sure the strength of the valve hole and also design a weight-balance on the opposite position of the hole to optimize the dynamic balance.




These sexy looking hoops feature a 27mm internal rim width, 38mm external, and are 29mm deep. The also have a hookless bead, High Volume Light MTB Bicycle Rims for even spoke tension, non-drive side radial front lacing,built up smoothly. Joe said they were easy to build, and thought the finish on the rim was great.availability also summer 2016.