In various bicycle race, marathon riding can be described as the most fascinating , can be described as the highest degree of difficulty.
However, once you've mastered one of doorways, you can harvest Dream experience - fun ride, crossed the finish line satisfaction.
In contrast, if you not use the correct method, the endless pain may be accompanied all the way.
Pain or joy ? In fact, the secret of success is hidden in the preparatory work.

Here are some tips for your marathon traning.
First, endurance training to enhance oxygen capacity - the stronger of human body's oxygen capacity,
will be able to more substantial force, finally improve the speed.
But training endurance not to say that the first time riding of four hours, which is a step-by-step training process,
it is best to start riding one hour from the time gradually increased riding four hours.

Second, selected a reasonable speed, training the muscles at 60-150 rpm per minute pedaling, frequency high efficiency work.
The higher efficiency the more faster speed.
Regular cadence let the body and legs to adapt to different speed , making the ride more efficient.

Third, sitting climbing can enhance strength, standing climbing may encounter a headwind's interference.

Sitting climbing have three benefits:
-Hardwind riding can make you have more power to ride, it is like the leg weight training on bike.
-Sitting riding will help improve the skills of downhill.
-Low-speed low pedaling cadence can be training the pedaling posture .

Fourth,the key to the successful completion of the marathon is to maintain the rhythm of riding.
Muscles adapt to the rhythm of a certain speed, the cycling process will be able to maintain this speed.
Therefore, do not forget to always train your muscles .

Fifth, training muscular endurance. The person who have strong Explosive, muscular endurance may not so good.

Sixth, exercise explosive, every 15 to 30 seconds of high intensity training. After this training,
the human body can better adapt to acidosis (soreness and so on).

Seventh, do 1-6 minutes the lactate tolerance interval training to improve anaerobic endurance.

Eighth, look ahead to the future , within one year of your flexibility and core strength are greatly enhanced ,
you will show your mettle in the cycling stage .

Ninth, it is a significant impact to have psychological implications for the marathon riding.
Maintain positive thoughts, you have already win 70%. A good attitude can make you more positive and optimistic.

Tenth, the rest is equally important adjustment. Continued riding is not bad for our health,
 but stopped to rest are also conducive to health.
Therefore, at least a week with a rest day. Training intensity, the corresponding growth in the rest of the time should be.
One month also must ensure that have one week rest time.

Various considerations should be kept in mind in the process of preparing for a marathon ride.
When you are riding pls keep in mind of the following 5 wrong errors:
-Eager to ride too much.
-The urgency of the high-intensity cycling
-Do not have sufficient rest
-Distance riding is inadequate or insufficient strength
-Overlook their own shortcomings. Short board determine success or failure.
  For example, you already strong climbing ability, usually need to be aware of the flat road training.