Often talk about wheels with our friends. Following my team mates I bought one pair carbon wheels from ACEBIKE. Free to casually write about.

The selection of hubs, use ultralight road shall carbon hub. Holes are front 20h and rear 24h. 

The front wheels straight pull system.

For rear flywheel side also straight pull and 2 cross. The other side straight pull system.

 Advised using the clincher rims. Clincher tire easy to mend. suitable my riding.

Followed by Navotec carbon hubs. AEROlite Sha-Dar (pillar) PSR X-TRA1420 spokes and aluminum nipple.

Total weight 1605±30 grams/pair. Do not include the quick release.

Wheels is a flat road type. 

Accelerate the performance is good. Just put on this wheel first impression is faster acceleration.  Maybe my weight is light.

The rigidity of the inadequate performance of the wheels did not feel. 

The most suitable for a cruising speed of 35 up and down.

Climbing performance is unknown, because i spend a few time on the climbing routes riding.

Really good wheels, high recommend! At least now 5 month past, without any problem appear.