Our products aren't cheap, they're great value. That might sound like splitting hairs, but there really is a massive difference. The difference being that we cut out what you don't need and plough our energy into what you do.

We build up all our wheels in our factory. So there are no shop costs involved, plus you get to speak directly to the people building your actual bike.

We are a OEM company, produce and sale carbon wheels,frames and components.We also have the best possible relationships with our suppliers. The fact we design some really innovative and desirable products that get rave reviews means suppliers want to work with us. We get the freedom to fettle our designs while still getting best price and we pass those savings directly on to you. It also means we can spend more on development with our pro team and organisations.

If you've dealt with us before you'll also know that honesty is always our default policy. We've been doing this for several years because we stand by our customers and see them right.