2016 Xiamen Ironman 70.3 came to a successful conclusion On November 13, 2016. Ironman is composed of three sports swimming, cycling and running which is the most stimulating, challenging and ornamental extreme sports events. 2179 iron from 57 countries took part in the race. For the competitors need to finsih 1.9 km swim , 90 km riding, running, the 113 km race.After fierce fighting, Josh - eminem berger from Australia win the championship.


ACEBIKE pay more attention on the riding. There is a trend in today’s road bicycle carbon wheels and triathlon wheels – they’re getting fat. One of the biggest shifts in road cycling in recent years has been the move to wider tires. a pair of 25mm wide or wider tires, many cyclists have been led to believe their comfort, speed and handling will immediately improve over what they experience on the 23mm widetires that most of us have used for years.




1.Basalt Brake Surface


Braking process under control More safety for riders high durability. Angled brake track will    improve the airflow over the tire onto the rim, help toe in the brake pads,Help to dissipate against heat buildup on the edge of the rim.


2.Titanium Support


A stronger structure that helps to resist the heat generated by the continuous braking force


3.High TG Epoxy Resin


Enhance the toughness maintain the stiffness of the resin system. Resist the deformation of continuous braking


4. Wide U Shape Design


More aerodynamics Can run lower pressure, Better cornering Better pinch flat protection. Wide and more blunt rim shape creates arounded leading edge for the trailing half of the wheel.



2016 ACEBIKE has been released the Wide Tire Design U Shape Carbon Road Rims. For the rims with 26mm width and 33mm/55mm/88mm profile depth which are unique in the market. As the leading wheel design companies, ACEBIEK recommend the Wide Tire Design U Shape Rims to maximize aero performance. These rim/tire width combinations run safely. It’s really three things – comfort, speed and handling – to varying degrees and not always in a good way depending on what combination of tire width, rim width and rim profile you choose. For the tire size 700*25C, best comfort, improved speed and handling over options above. A nice set-up for long endurance rides at a good average speed (18mph/29kph or higher).