Michael Thompson, a carpenter in Norfolk, England, claimed that he could build anything out of wood. Even a bicycle.

More than a bicycle, this is actually a work of art made entirely out of wood. We’ve seen wooden bikes before, but not one that featured no plastic, rubber or metal at all. What you see in the pictures is the SplinterBike weighing a whopping 31 kg

The Splinter Bike made mostly of birch plywood, but there are a few specialty items, too. "The most interesting one is Lignum vitae, which is a naturally oily, self-lubricating hardwood," he says. The bike's handlebars, he adds, are crafted from an old broom handle he had in the shed.

Wooden bikes aren't a new idea. "There's lots of wooden frame bicycles and bamboo bicycles," Thompson says, "but they all have metal wheels and gears and brakes, of course, which we don't have."

His intention is to break a speed record with this creation, but whoever will test it should be aware of the fact that the SplinterBike has got no brakes.