If you’re looking for that extra bit of motivation to help you achieve your 2012 cycling goals then get along to ACEBIKE carbon NOVATEC hub which will give you access to a wide range of cycling-specific physiological assessments and coaching advice.

The hub, powered by cycling-specific training with straight pull system, is good to improve your speed  to assess your performance and target areas for improvement.   
If it is wth our carbon rims and pillar super light spokes that wil be a nice wheelset, and assemble at a light weight, finally increase your bike's performance, then doing a good job when racing.

Coaching sessions will take place throughout the day and include fitness testing for power zones, heart zones and VO2 max, a Powerbreathe K5 inspiratory muscle training assessment, an analysis of your pedal stroke and assessments on posture, strength, core and flexibility. You will have access to an anti-oxidant scanner and nutritional advice, have a body fat analysis and receive a four-week training plan plus interactive training diary. You’ll also can see from our web tell you something about  training advice for the future.