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The Pro NP Carbon Wheels With Carbon Hubs

Model Weight(+-30g/pair)
NP-20T-W 1067
NP-38T-W 1214
NP-50T-W 1305
NP-60T-W 1441
NP-88T-W 1525
NP-24C-W 1443
NP-38C-W 1474
NP-50C-W 1525
NP-60C-W 1571
NP-88C-W 1905

2015 Superlite Wide Aero V Shape Rims

Carbon Rims New Tech Features:

Old Molding:

3 Pieces carbon fiber strip

Overlapping and More Wrinkle,

Weaken the strength on rims

One Piece Molding:

One Piece long carbon fiber strip Processing on each layer

No Wrinkle and Less overlapping make strongest Strength

New Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

One time’ s molding

Keep average thinkness on rim wall

Add more strength to spoke holes

Less weight

Old Carbon Fiber Ring

2 times’ molding

Leave gap between ring and new carbon fiber layer

Reduce Strength on gap area

Reduce spoke holes strength

More Weight

New Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Old Carbon Fiber Ring
Old Carbon Fiber Ring
New Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

2015 Superlite Wide U Shape Rims

Size: 700C

Height: 38/50/60/88mm Tubular

38/50/60/88mm Clincher

Outer Width: 25mm

Inner Width: 17.5mm

Terrian: Flat/Race/Cyclocross/TT/Triathlon

Type: Clincher/Tubular

Weave: 3K/UD

Brake Track: Basalt Brake Surface

1.Basalt Brake Surface

Braking process under control More safety for riders high durability

Angled brake track will improve the airflow over the tire onto the rim, help toe in the brake pads,

Help to dissipate against heat buildup on the edge of the rim.

2.Titanium Support

A stronger structure that helps to resist the heat generated by the continuous braking force

3.High TG Epoxy Resin

Enhance the toughness maintain the stiffness of the resin system

Resist the deformation of continuous braking

4. Wide U Shape Design

More aerodynamics Can run lower pressure, Better cornering Better pinch flat protection

Wide and more blunt rim shape creates arounded leading edge for the trailing half of the wheel.

Made in Taiwan 334g/pair      Straight Pull Carbon Hubs


Model: YS-HB05

Freewheel: Shimano10/11S, Campagnolo 11S

Brand: Novatec

Model: Custom Carbon Hubs

Weight: Front 86g, Rear 248g

Standard: EN Standard

Special Cassette Body with 4 Industrial Bearings and 1 Needle Bearing

Material: AL7075 Cassett and front and rear axle

O.L.D: F-100mm R-135mm

Color: BLACK

Model T
w ØD2
a H
PSR X-TRA1420 9.0 2.2 2,0 0.95 2.0 95° 6.8 180-310 4.3 g
Material Sandvik T302 (18/10)
Advantage Pillar patented cold forge with our cold drawn technology Up to 30% weight saving without compromising strength

Taiwan: 220417

America: US7181844B2

Europe: 1479532

Thread Rolled (BC 56, DIN 79012) FG 2.3
Application Race/MTB/Down Hill

NP Pro Carbon Wheels Overview:

1. Best Rims -2015 U shape Design
2. Enduro Straight Pull Carbon Hubs Front 86g, Rear 248g
High Quality Bearings, same using for DTSwiss hubs
3. Biggest range across all discipines: flat/mix/mountain/race/cx/tt
4. Positive Reviews from more than 3000 world riders Since 2010
5. 6+ years' experience in building precision carbon wheels
6. Tested with EN14781 international quality and safty standard
7. Global Product Liability Insurance for any occurrence
Model Weight(+-30g/pair)
NP-20T-W 1067
NP-38T-W 1214
NP-50T-W 1305
NP-60T-W 1441
NP-88T-W 1525
NP-24C-W 1443
NP-38C-W 1474
NP-50C-W 1525
NP-60C-W 1571
NP-88C-W 1905

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