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Offset Asymmetry Rims Features & Spec.

    • 27.5er / 29er
    • 30mm / 33mm / 42mm
    • XC / AM / DH / PLUS

Specification&Tech Data

ModelTire TypeWeightERDFinishBrake TypeDrillMax tire pressureMax rider weight
Offset-730S-XC clincher/TLR 360+/-15 561 UD disc 24-32H 65psi/4.5bars 120kg/265lbs
Offset-930S-XC clincher/TLR 380+/-15 598  UD disc 24-32H 65psi/4.5bars 120kg/265lbs
Offset-733S-AM clincher/TLR 440+/-15 554 UD disc 24-32H 65psi/4.5bars 120kg/265lbs
Offset-933S-AM clincher/TLR 465+/-15 591 UD disc 24-32H 65psi/4.5bars 120kg/265lbs
Offset-733S-DH clincher/TLR 460+/-15 554 UD disc 24-32H 65psi/4.5bars 120kg/265lbs
Offset-933S-DH clincher/TLR 485+/-15 591 UD disc 24-32H 65psi/4.5bars 120kg/265lbs
Offset-27.5-42S-PLUS clincher/TLR 460+/-15 554 UD disc 24-32H 65psi/4.5bars 120kg/265lbs
Offset-29-42S-PLUS clincher/TLR 495+/-15 591 UD disc 24-32H 65psi/4.5bars 120kg/265lbs

Technology Highlights

    • Bead Lock

      An 3°angled bead lock to keep the tire bead positoned on the shelf when air is released from the tire and also adds a level of safety if a tre is leaking. This features allows you to refresh sealant without having the tre bead fall into the center of the Carbon Bike Rim, resultng in a tire that is more difficult to inflate and re-seat.

    • Hookless Design

      3.5mm thickness, 35 layers pregreg to reinforce the side wall and to prevent pair leaking.

    • Nipple Bed RSD Design

      Extra carbon fiber strip to reinforce the spoke hole.


Impact Resistan Contruction

Extra layers of prepreg that increase the impact strength and helps distribute energy and shock from impacts to the rim All rims use a blend of Toray 700 and 800 cabon fiber with the Toray 800,whick is 25% stronger,used in high impact areas.

Wider Tire

Better traction,floation and cornering to improve the riding performance.

Lower tire pressure to prolong the rims' time span.

Better bump absorption for more comfortable riding.

Deeper tire channel for faster tire installation.

Low rolling resistance,go wide,go fast.


RSD NEW Radius Support Design for Nipple

The goal is to allow the nipple to pivot within the hole in the nipple bed so that it allows the nipple and spoke to align perfectly with one another and not have to bend unnaturally where they meet together.

Allow the nipple to seat well within the hole in the nipple bed so that it doesn’t contact the hole in the old ways that it puts excessive stresses on nipple bed.

It really all comes down to being able to comfortably support the nipple in the nipple bed allow it to pivot slightly within the hole so that spoke to nipple alignment is as linear as possible.


Offset Asymmetrical Design

Asymmetrical rims build up into stiffer, stronger and more reliable wheels by improving the bracing angles of a dished wheel and equalizing the spoke tensions between the drive and non-drive side spokes. On a mountain bike wheelset with disc brakes, both the front and rear wheels have significant dish. With traditional rims, the rim is centered (or dished) by decreasing spoke tension on one side relative to the other so that the rim is pulled into center.

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