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Why Offset Mtb Rims

Design for light xc 390g

Heavy xc/am/eudro 420g

DH 450g

3.5mm hookless wall thickness

33mm outer width

26mm inner width

3mm offset from center


Make stiffer, stronger and more reliable wheels by improving the bracing angles of a dished wheel and equalizing the

spoke tensions between the drive and non-drive side spokes

As most carbon mtb wheels are for disc brake. On non-offset front wheel, rotor side attracts more spoke tensions, offset

will go to the non rotor side to increase and balance the spoke tension.

On offset rear wheel, offset will go to non-drive side to re-allocate the spoke tension, increase the spoke tension (stiffness)

and make both sides with even spoke tension.

Our riding test is 2 months’ all mountain riding without any failure on whole wheelset.

YISHUN Offset MTB Wheels Spoke Tension Data

Even Spoke Tension on DS and NDS

Increace the stiffness and Strength to Wheels

RIM Spoke Hub Wheel DS:Drive Side
NDS:None Drive Side
Spoke Tension Difference
27.5-33 Psr1420 XXR mtb hubs Rear DS: 130kgf 20kgf
NDS: 110kgf
Front DS: 100kgf 10kgf
NDS: 110kgf
AM27.5-30-S Psr1420 XXR mtb hubs Rear DS: 110kgf 30kgf
NDS: 80kgf
Front DS: 70kgf 40kgf
NDS: 110kgf
offset mtb wheel section Non-offset mtb wheel section

27.5+, 29+
MTB Rims

Design for mid-fat, fat ride

3.5mm hookless wall thickness

Design A:

42mm outer width

35mm inner width

Design B:

52mm outer width

45mm inner width

Drill: Central/offset drill/dual holes


Tech Features on MTB Plus rimsRide low pressure 20+ Psi, absorb more shocks and bumps, increase riding comfort Biger tire 3.0+, obtain more grip with lower rolling resistance and better traction

  • Double-wall construction: increase rim stiffness, making the rims perfect for cross country, all mountain bike riding, sand, snow trail and everything in between.
  • Terrain: 29+/27+ rim can take the edge off rough terrain, the tyres lack the float and massive traction of fat bikes in snow and sand.
  • Hookless and tubeless: 3.5mm rim hookless design not only reinforces sidewall, also helps to seal the tires (tubeless)
  • Fast tire installation: Use a floor pump and your fingers to mount or dismount a tire
  • Bead lock: An angled bead lock to keep the tire bead positioned on the shelf when air is released from the tire and
  • also adds a level of safety if a tire is leaking. This features allows you to refresh sealant without having the tire bead fall into the center of the rim, resulting in a tire that is more difficult to inflate and re-seat.

Fatbike Rims

Fun with fatbike

Versatile Rims, which are capable of

traversing diverse terrain types including

snow, sand, desert, bogs, mud, pavement,

or traditional mountain biking trails


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